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Ecig Switch are specialists in eGo Electronic Cigarettes and bringing the latest vaping news to the vaping community. If you choose to shop on our site we are one of Europe’s most trusted suppliers of electronic cigarettes, starter packs, vapour kits & e-liquids. Based in Blackpool, we supply guaranteed high quality Ego batteries and great tasting e-juice throughout Europe and the UK. High staff levels ensure we can give dedicated customer service and are committed to providing the best quality products at a reasonable price. We also prioritise fast shipping, so orders placed before 2:30PM on a weekday tend to arrive the next day on the UK mainland.

The Rise of the Electronic Cigarette

Merely two years ago, using an electronic cigarette was almost unheard of. Now it is probably more common to walk down the high street and see people “vaping” rather than smoking! We have been at the forefront of sourcing these new technologies for sale in the UK, hand-picking only the best quality hardware and liquids to provide people with an easier, safer, alternative to smoking.

Shop opening hours

dickson opening hours
Our shops all have different opening hours to match the best time around the area. For example, our shop on Dickson Road, Blackpool, opens from 10-7 every day other than Sunday making it very easy to come down after work or on a lunch break. To find out your local shops opening hours, simply check on our store finder
What is an electronic cigarette or vapour kit?

An electronic cigarette is a small, handheld device which has liquid in it and the liquid is burnt and inhaled to get a nicotine hit. In our liquids, there is PG (Propelyne Glycol), VG (Vegetable Glycerin), natural flavourings and liquid nicotine. Most electronic cigarettes contain a battery, and a clearomiser (a tank where the e-liquid is stored and burned). Using an electronic cigarette it is possible to take a draw and get a hit very similar to that of a cigarette in a safer, cheaper way.

Will I save money using an electronic cigarette?

Savings with Ecig Switch
This graph shows the money you can save using an electronic cigarette. Some people come to us reporting that with there savings they have brought a holiday, a car or it has helped towards the deposit on a new house!
Vaping seems expensive to start, but with starter kits from just £21.99 then with costs from as little as £5 a week to keep vaping, most people notice the savings after 2 weeks of vaping. The first week most people spend the money they would on cigarettes on a starter kit but after this the savings really are unbelievable!

This week’s top sellers-

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Hangsen Blueberry e liquid
margin: 0 15px 5px 0;900mAh Battery
Cloudy lemonade-reduced
Red Energy 2
Mini Protank 2 2
13-3 Twist-reduced
AeroTank 2

Genuine KangerTech AeroTank review video


With more and more people starting to use electronic cigarettes, we ask one of the most important questions… Is nicotine safe? Have a read to find out, and also see more such as winners of our regular competition, find out about our new shop and more exciting news about ecigs.

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