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May 18, 2018


NOTE: This page was made 16th May 2018 and answering is an ongoing effort. Where there are questions now answers will follow as soon as possible.

Have a question? leave a comment at the bottom and we will do our best to answer.

I have a question about my product. Can I talk to a real person?

Of course! Call us on 01253 596106.

We are open Mon-Wed 9am to 4pm. Thurs & Fri 12:00-7pm. Sat 10-7pm and Sun 10-3pm and love helping.

I am a smoker and not sure where to begin. What do I need?

Well it is great that you are looking at vaping as a means to switch. There are loads of online videos and discussions it can be overwhelming so we would recommend giving us a call. Everyone here gets a minimum of 10 weeks training on nicotine addiction and have spent the last 5 years figuring it out to give you the best chance of making vaping work. The best advice in a nutshell though is to not see it as quitting but as smoking a different way. If you see vaping as a stop smoking aid your addiction will compel you to put it in a drawer and continue to smoke.

What are my guarantees?

Each vaping device is guaranteed for 35 days. If you want a longer guarantee you can pay an extra 20% of the purchase price to extend this to 3 months*. If it is out of guarantee then we can usually still help. Having such product expertise means that most of the time, we can help. If you want the extended guarantee give us a call!

*guarantees exclude accidental damage and broken screens just like if you buy a smartphone and break the screen the day after.

Why do my coils burn out so fast?

Getting the most out of your coil is a really important step towards maximising the enjoyment from your vape kit. For a mouth to lung, try leaving the coil and then using it gently. For a direct lung kit the steps required are more involved. As we work in a shop and get constant feedback from customers we have tried them all! Watch the video where I try and explain what we in the shop believe is the best way available. Remember, getting the priming of a coil right is a double win. Not only do they taste better per puff, coils will last you so much longer too.

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