900 mAh ‘Electra’ Twist Variable Voltage battery

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900mAh variable voltage battery offering 3.2 to 4.8 volts.

Suitable for both ego and 510 threaded Mouth to Lung tanks, does not power sub-ohm tanks.

Single battery supplied.

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Electra 900mAh Variable Voltage Battery

(Battery only – no tank included)

Why is VV important?

Any Ecig Forum is a great source of independent research and most will speak about how each e-liquid has a particular “Sweet Spot” where you can really taste the vape and get the perfect throat hit too. Those without a variable voltage (VV) device will seldom enjoy this “halo effect” so if you are looking for a replacement battery or just an upgrade you cannot really go wrong with our Ego Electra. Guaranteed for months and with free delivery you can relax in the knowledge you are buying a quality product with a competitive price. Ecig Switch built itself as a trusted ecig store and has enjoyed great success which would be impossible without top quality products which go on and on and on without breaking! By ordering online from a recognised local electronic cigarette shop you know you will get quality, value and service.

How does it work?

Very easily! The Electra contains the Buck Boost converter, the Ego Mod which allows the magic to happen. To work it, all you do is twist the bottom of the battery and test then twist again until you get the sensation from your flavour beyond what you have enjoyed with your standard battery.

The Ego Electra has adjustable power output from 3.2 volts right up to 4.8, well beyond the output of the standard factory setting on none adjustable batteries.

What about Safety?

Capping the voltage at 4.8 eliminates any danger while still going well beyond the taste of most vapour lovers. The vape you get from such a setting is tremendous and the throat hit greater than a cigarette.

In addition; like most of our products, the device can safely be switched off with five clicks of the power button and also comes with a safety cut off feature. If you accidentally press the button for 10 seconds the power will cut off automatically for your safety.

What about compatibility?

Ecig Switch have made our range as simple as possible! This Electra will work with all our clearomisers just fine. In addition, the battery will most likely work with any chargers and clearomisers you may already have. Just call Ecig Switch on 01253 596106 to speak to the shop where we will be happy to provide help and answer any queries prior to your order.

So many choices! What does 900mAh mean?

To make your choice, simply select the colour to suit your sense of style. As for the battery life, we advise customers that the 900mAh should see an average user happily throughout the day before charging is required in the evening.

Our factory rates these devices as rechargeable around 300 times as long as they are run flat before recharging. We understand that running it completely flat is not really possible without having two batteries on the go so believe you should have something which you can wake up, vape all day without fear of running out, then go to bed and charge. Running it flat once a month will really help but having an oversized battery above 900mAh means you will be hardly flattening the battery between recharges. This affects the product life therefore the logic is, just find what lasts you a day of heavy vaping then go ever so slightly over. With that setup you can know you will never run out of power and have to make the dreaded trip to the off licence for 10 fags to tide you over on a night out until you get to a USB port!

Key points of the Ego Electra Battery

  • Easy to use
  • Variable voltage between 3.2 and 4.8 volts
  • Compatible with all of our clearomizers
  • Safety 10 second cut off for peace of mind
  • High Quality hard wearing finish
  • Easily charged using one of our USB chargers
  • Simple 5-click on/off function

All of our Ecig Switch batteries come with a much higher than average 3-month warranty.

Variable Power Availability

The eGo Electra battery provides variable power to the smoker in order for them to enjoy an enhanced experience that they cannot get with other devices.  The power output ranges from 3.2 volts up to 4.8 volts, where it is capped for the smoker’s protection.  The greater output from the Electra battery is higher than it is with non-adjustable batteries and it provides the smoker with a greater throat hit than you would get from a standard cigarette.

With the 900 mAh battery, most can vape all day long without worrying about running out of power for you e-cigarettes.  Even if you smoke over 20 times a day, the Electra battery should last until you can get home and put it on charge.  Most e-cigarettes don’t have the option of a variable power battery, but you can get one sent direct to your door from our ecig shop in Blackpool!

Choose a Colour to Fit Your Style

Along with the variable power option, the Electra battery also comes in several colours so you can express yourself as you see fit while enjoying your electronic cigarettes.


The batteries are compatible with all eGo or 510 threaded clearomizers and they have a hard wearing finish so you don’t have to treat your e-cigarette with kid gloves that you may have to with other brands.

For the best vaping experience that you can get from an electronic cigarette, the Electra 900 mAh battery will give you the power you need to smoke all day long without worrying that it will die on you.  If you like a strong smoke, this battery will have the power you need.

1 review for 900 mAh ‘Electra’ Twist Variable Voltage battery

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Steven Solerman (verified owner)

    This battery is very easy to use as i am not very good at technology. It easily get me through the day, even though i am a heavy user of the electronic cigarette. I was overall very satisfied with this item.

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