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Kangertech CE4 clearomiser

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Kangertech CE4 Clearomiser

The CE4 Clearomiser is a great tank to use as a starting point to help you switch from cigarettes to vaping. This tank is the first port of call for when a new starter wants to try coming off the cigarettes and onto vaping as it is easy to use and is affordable to replace. This product produces the right amount of throat hit; flavour and vape to stimulate the sensation of having a cigarette which will in turn, aid you in your vaping adventure.


The CE4 Clearomiser is a disposable tank, good for newbies.

Inside the CE4 there are cotton wick strands which absorb the liquid. Upon firing your battery, the coil is then heated up and vapourises the absorbed liquid, producing the vapour.

After a couple of weeks of average use (around 15ml of eliquid) the cotton will shrink and allow liquid to pass through to the centre tube causing a bubbling/slurping sound, or it will start to taste burnt. When this happens your CE4 will need replacing with another one.

The tank itself holds 1.6ml and is quite durable, the tank is made out of plastic and has a metal base. It is a top filling tank so to fill up with E-Liquid all you have to do is unscrew the plastic drip tip from the top of the tank and squeeze your liquid inside the tank avoiding the middle hole. The drip tip can also be changed to make your tank look unique.

Additional Information

The CE4 Clearomiser will fit on any small battery with an ego threading or with a 510 adapter if required. As it is disposable, you will need to replace it every couple of weeks or around 15ml of liquid


A good starter tank to be coupled with a basic low powered battery (we recommend 650-1000mAh with a standard output) Simple to use and a perfect stepping stone into the world of vaping, giving up the cigs and saving money!


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