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CLASSIC Churchill Tobacco 10ml E-liquid

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A mellow tobacco flavour with a smooth inhale, giving a satisying alternative to traditional cigarettes.




Churchill Tobacco

A smooth tobacco blend, similar to Winston cigarettes. Providing a satisfying hit, this eliquid is a great alternative to the traditional cigarrettes.


***Please note: some of the bottles we have in this flavour are past their ‘expiry date’. Let us explain what this means to you..

We don’t cut costs therefore the Eliquid we produce does not contain water. Without water, bacteria cannot survive therefore the expiration date does not mean the Eliquid would be unsafe.

When we source bottles they guarantee the integrity of the seal for two years and after that the seal cannot be guaranteed, but we check each one to ensure there is no break. What’s more, we have since discovered that Eliquid is actually like wine; the older an Eliquid, the better it is (just open google and type steeping Eliquid to see what we mean) so these Eliquids will taste a stronger flavour than ever. When we made these, the benefit of steeping was not really known hence the date.


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