Genuine Aspire Atlantis replacement coil


The Genuine Aspire Atlantis Replacement Coil


The Genuine Aspire Atlantis Replacement Coil is a great and powerful coil for the lung inhaler tank, the Aspire Atlantis. The Genuine Aspire Atlantis Replacement Coil is 0.5 ohm, which is perfect for getting that amazing flavour and massive amounts of vapour. These coils are the same coils that come with the Aspire Atlantis tank.

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Priming the coil: To prime the coil all you need to do is: dab some e liquid onto the 4 holes on the outside of the coil which you can see the white cotton inside, this makes the coils last that tiny bit longer, and then in turn saves you some money as well. Once you have done that a few times you then need to pour some liquid around the meshing inside the top of the coil, let the cotton absorb the liquid then pour some more onto it, once you have done that, just blow through the middle of the coil to remove and excess liquid, and then just screw into your tank which is full of liquid. Then just leave the coil to continue soaking liquid for another 30 minutes or more, by doing this, it will help increase the life of your coil which will help make it last that extra bit longer.
Leaving it to soak in liquid: Another way to prime your coil is to either leave a spare coil in a little small tub of your liquid to soak and when needed just blow through the hole at the top and place into your tank which is full of liquid or another way is to top up your tank with liquid and leave your coil in the tank before you go bed then when you awaken in the morning the coil would have had a proper soak in the liquid.

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Priming your coils is very important because, if you place a new coil into your tank and start vaping away powerfully, then it will just burn the cotton that isn’t soaked in liquid and give you a very nasty taste of burnt, which will then lead to a new coil being needed.


We believe that £3 is a very good price for this coil.


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