Genuine IClear X.I coils


The Genuine IClear X.I Coil


The Genuine IClear X.I coils are outstanding coils; these coils are 2.1 ohm which we like to call the right balance between throat hit and flavour.

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How to change the IClear X.I coil

To change the coil inside your IClear X.I all you need to do is, make sure there is no E-liquid inside the tank, unscrew the top and bottom and remove the coil, then insert the new coil, then screw the top and bottom back onto the glass. Once you have done that just fill your IClear X.I with E-liquid, then leave the coil to absorb the liquid for 30 seconds to a minute, to ensure you get the most life you can from the coil.

Additional Information

You will need to change the coil every couple of weeks because inside the coil is cotton, after a while of usage the cotton will start to shrink, once it has shrunk too small it will then start to gurgle and taste burnt, once you experience them symptoms with your coil, that’s when you know to change it to a new one.


We think that £3 is a great price for such a well-designed product.


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