CLASSIC Hot Cinnamon 10ml E-Liquid

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A sweet/spicy flavour that although not a favourite for everyone on its own.. it is a perfect mixer for spicing up other flavours such as apple, banana and/or custard!



Hot Cinnamon

Another great flavour from our wide range; a sweet, spicy taste that also makes for a great mixer!

Hot cinnamon is like how you would imagine, it gives a very sharp, sweet and savoury flavour coupled with an admirable kick!

Hot cinnamon makes for a great addition to most fruity flavours; it is a key ingredient in the popular mix that is apple pie & custard. It is great to add to fruits such as Banana e-liquid or apple e-liquid. It changes the flavour totally, it’s certain to keep you warm in the colder months and makes you feel almost Christmassy all year round!


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