Ijust 2 coil 0.3ohms


Ijust 2 coil 0.3ohms


The IJust 2 0.3 ohm coil is the most popular coil, it is the sister coil of the 0.5 ohm except instead of getting lots more flavour, you will get incredible amounts of smoke, whilst also still achieving the flavour. The wick burns slightly hotter than the 0.5, which causes the coil to produce a lot more smoke. As there is so much cotton in these wicks you have to prime your coil, there is two different ways of priming coils.

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Priming the coil – There is 4 holes around the outside of the coil which you can see the cotton inside the coil, drip some e-liquid in each hole and some down the middle through the top, then once you have soaked some liquid into the coil just blow down the hole at the top to remove any remaining liquid. Once that is done, screw the coil into the base and then put it into your tank, which is full of the same liquid you primed the coil with, and then allow the coil to soak up more liquid for 20-30 minutes, to ensure it has had a real good soak in liquid.
Leaving it to soak in liquid – Another way to prime your coil is, to either leave a spare coil in a little small tub of your liquid to soak and when needed, just blow through the hole at the top and place into your tank which is full of liquid, or another way is to top up your tank with liquid and leave your coil in the tank all night, then when you awaken in the morning the coil would of had a proper soak in the liquid.


For just £3 each we believe that this is a great price for such a fantastic coil.


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