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Eleaf IStick TC 100 Watt


The iStick 100w is a temperature controlled Mod, capable of up to 120watts (with the firmware upgrade)

It takes two 18650 batteries (not included), but can also be used with just one 18650 battery (however max wattage will be limited)

It has a hidden fire button – just squeeze the unit to vape. Lockable fire button. Easy to use.

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Eleaf iStick TC 100w

The iStick TC 100 Watt is a remarkable battery, skilfully engineered with the latest temperature control technology. This battery is powerful yet so intelligent, the iStick TC 100 Watt has upgradable firmware which can make battery exceed the limits of 100 Watts and allow you to vape at a powerful 120 watts.

This mod features magnetic covers for easier access to your 18650 batteries; on top of that this battery also features switchable TC (Ni/Ti/SS/TCR)/VW/Bypass modes. In addition, the iStick TC 100 Watt’s fire button is a hidden, to press the fire button you just squeeze the side where the magnetic cover is, which will press the fire button hidden behind the cover.


Power on/off: Insert one or two high-rate 18650 batteries behind the magnetic covers. The battery can be powered on/off by pressing the fire button quickly 5 times. This battery can be used by using just one high-rate 18650 battery, which will only allows it to run at a maximum of 75 watts, but if two high-rate 18650 batteries are used it will allow the battery to run at a maximum of 100 watts.
Stealth on/off: To turn Stealth on/off all you do is, hold the fire button and the down button together until the LED screen displays “Stealth on”, to turn Stealth off you do the same, on the LED screen it will display “Stealth off”. By turning Stealth on it allows you to vape without the LED screen illuminating, whilst Stealth is on you tap the fire button once and it will show your current settings your vaping at.
Adjustment buttons lock/unlock: To lock/unlock the adjustment buttons, press and hold the up and down buttons whilst the battery is powered on, until the LED screen displays “Lock” or “Unlock” by doing this you are locking the up and down buttons from accidently being pressed, which will also prolong their lifespan.
Fire button lock/unlock: To lock/unlock the fire button, flick the switch to lock/unlock your fire button which is located on top of your battery, by locking the fire button you will be preventing the button from being pressed whilst in pockets or bags, which will help keep your coil safe from being burnt.
Switch display mode: To switch the display mode, press and hold the up and down button whilst the battery is powered off, which will rotate the display screen 180 degrees, this means the LED screen can be viewed from two different angles.
Switch vaping modes: Long press the menu button, which is located below the down button, which will then change your vaping mode between VW, Bypass, TC-Ni, TC-Ti, TC-SS, TCR-1, TCR-M2 and TCR-M3 modes.

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The iStick 100w includes a micro USB charger, and also a user manual; in the manual it explains the features about this battery in more detail, which is helpful for people who wish to know all about what the different features do. Another great feature to this kit is the Atomizer Protection, what this does is when the vaping time exceeds ten seconds, the output shuts off automatically with “Over 10s” displayed on the screen.

This battery is suitable for almost any tank, such as the SMOK Baby Beast, SMOK Big Baby or similar sub-ohm tanks. MTL (mouth to lung) tanks will also work perfectly fine with this battery however you will need to have it on a much lower wattage/voltage so you dont burn the coils! As long as the tank has a 510 threading (or conversion adapter) you are able to use it with the iStick TC 100 Watt.


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