Kangertech Aerotank Plus Tank


Kangertech Aerotank Plus

Simple to use and delivering great taste, the Aerotank Plus is an excellent choice for mouth to lung vaping.

It has the standard 2ml capacity, an adjustable airflow base and a convenient top refill system. Made from glass and stainless steel, it is a great performer and looks pretty good too!


Kangertech Aerotank Plus Tank

The Aerotank Plus is a Mouth-To-Lung tank.

‘Mouth To Lung’ vaping means drawing the vapor into your mouth before inhaling—the same way as smoking a cigarette (As opposed to ‘Direct Lung’ vaping which involves inhaling the vapor directly into your lungs)

The Kanger Aerotank Plus is a 2ml e-Liquid capacity tank that features a unique drip tip that caters to mouth to lung users.  It has a removable 510 standard-fitting drip tip which is great for those who prefer a plastic/silicone mouthpiece rather than the standard metal.

This tank features the original Aerotank style adjustable airflow valve which features four airflow holes of varying sizes.


We stock both the 1.2 and 1.8 resistance dual coils. The 1.2ohm heats up quicker, giving more of a ‘throat hit’ whereas the 1.8 coils will usually last slightly longer, and give a smoother vape.

Changing coils

To change the coil in your Aerotank, turn the tank upside down and unscrew the base just below the logo. You do not need to empty out the liquid, just make sure you stand the tank upside down on a steady, flat surface (We find it more secure to remove the drip tip in advance to stop it from toppling over!)

Hold the stem of the coil and twist counter-clockwise. Dispose of used coil, replace with your new one and screw into the base firmly. Indications that you need to replace your coil with the Aerotank are; a burnt taste to your liquid, a gurgling sound when inhaling or leaking. It is also essential that you tip out any remaining, wash out and refill with fresh liquid as the burnt taste can remain in the liquid you had in previously.

Filling your tank

Remove the Tank from your device. Open the top piece by turning in an anti-clockwise direction. This reveals the filling area. and add liquid – avoid the centre tube/airhole and be careful not to overfill. If this is your first time using the tank or you have just replaced the atomiser you will need to prime the coil before you can use the tank.

Our Opinion

The Aerotank Plus is a great, simple-to-use tank for new starters. It is simple to use and much more cost effective than its disposable counterparts.

Our Conclusion:

The tank has a 2ml capacity that is combined with a top refill system making it the perfect choice for everyday use. The four adjustable airflow holes at the base of the tank allow for adequate vapor production and coil cooling and the sleek stainless steel and glass design is a smart addition to any starter collection. The Aerotank Plus is fully compatible with the pre-made Kanger SSOCC Coils so that even the most novice users can enjoy vaping on this mouth to lung tank.



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