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The Kangertech T3D Clearomiser

The Kangertech T3D is a mouth-to-lung tank that holds 2ml of liquid, which provides enough for the average vaper to use in a day. The dual coils makes this tank superior to the single coil in its flavour and vapour production and is more cost effective than the disposable tanks.

The T3D is designed with a 2.2 ml capacity and is compliant with the European Union TPD vaping regulations. The replaceable coil design gives a better vape is better value for money than the basic disposable tanks you usually get with starter kits.

It has a removable 510 standard-fitting drip tip which is interchangeable (sold separately in store) great for those who prefer a plastic/silicone mouthpiece rather than the standard metal.

kangertech dual coil
Designed to fit any ego-threaded battery, and has air holes on the base allowing a sufficient airflow when inhaling.

For coils click the picture.


Changing coils

To change the coil in your T3D, turn the tank upside down and unscrew the base just below the logo. You do not need to empty out the liquid, just make sure you stand the tank upside down on a steady, flat surface (We find it more secure to remove the drip tip in advance to stop it from toppling over!)

Hold the stem of the coil and twist counter-clockwise. Dispose of used coil, replace with your new one and screw into the base firmly. Indications that you need to replace your coil with the T3D are; a burnt taste to your liquid, a gurgling sound when inhaling or leaking. It is also essential that you tip out any remaining, wash out and refill with fresh liquid as the burnt taste can remain in the liquid you had in previously.

Filling your tank

Turn the tank upside down and unscrew the base the same way you would if replacing a coil. Pour the liquid down the inside of the tank, holding it at a slight angle. Avoid getting any liquid down the centre tube.  Don’t fill above the centre metal tube. Replace the coil and base, screwing it in a clockwise direction.

Our Opinion

The T3D is a great tank for new starters. It is simple to use and more cost effective than its disposable counterparts.





The Kangertech T3D is a pretty durable tank, made fromplastic and stainless steel.

It uses a dual coil system, which are replaceable and therefore more cost effective than the disposables.

The drip tip can be changed should you wish to embellish your vape kit to your own taste and design. This tank cannot be rebuilt as it is one unit, but does have the ability to replenish the coils.

To fill the Kangertech T3D all you have to do is turn the tank upside down and unscrew the ridged base that your coil is screwed into, then put your E-Liquid into the tank by pouring it down the side and avoiding the middle hole. Only fill it up to the top of the metal tube in the middle of the tank.

This tank also has three small air holes in the base that improve the performance and longevity of your coil. We recommend that every couple of weeks these are cleaned of any debris, by using a pin to poke through the holes.

The coil itself is screwed into the base of the tank, and easy to change when required.

Additional Information

The coils are available in 1.8ohm resistance which provides a satisfying ‘throat hit’ preferred by new users coming off the ciggies. The Kangertech T3D comes in 4 different colours: Clear, Blue, Red and Purple.


A great step-up from the disposables, and more cost effective with the ability to change the coils once they have burnt out

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Steven Solerman (verified owner)

    The T3D was a highly recommended item, I am very happy with my purchase and glad it was recommended to me. It has a nice draw like an actual cigarette. I am very sure that is this satisfy my addiction.

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