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CLASSIC Kiwi 10ml E-Liquid

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Kiwi is one of the sweetest flavours among our fruit range delivering an incredible and distinct taste




This flavour is one of a kind, the sweetest fruit we have to offer and incredibly flavourful, this is great for the avid vaper who is after something really different!


What really makes this liquid special is just how true it is to its original flavour. That sweet, fresh taste that you get from a ripe kiwi is replicated brilliantly with this e-liquid. At first you will experience the intense sweetness hover on the tip of your tongue, and then you will taste that iconic, recognizable kiwi flavour that you were looking for.

Kiwi is a very sweet flavour; this means it is compatible with both fruity and savoury flavours. Try mixing 50% Strawberry e-liquid with 50% Kiwi e-liquid to create a very sweet, fruity mix that will leave you pining for one more drag!

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