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Melo III Mini glass replacement


Melo 3 mini glass replacement

The Melo 3 mini replacement glass is made of Pyrex, which ensures more durability if dropped. Ideal for people who accidentally drop their kits. Being able to replace the glass for your tank is handier and a lot more cost efficient!

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Melo III mini replacement glass tube

A Melo 3 mini tank is expensive to replace, but being able to buy just the replacement glass saves you money!

Tube dimensions are :  20mm height x 22mm diameter.

The Melo III mini has a capacity of 2ml, and the replacement tube is made from pyrex glass.

The glass itself is simple to replace. Just unscrew the stainless steel section at the top, and carefully slide the glass upwards (if it is still in one piece!) Be very careful when you do this as the tiny shards can cut your fingers. Ensure that all remnants of the glass have been cleaned away using a tissue or by running it under the tap (remove coil first so it doesn’t get water on it) Then simply slide the new glass down over the framework and replace the top section



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