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Melo III mini coil 0.5 ohms


Melo III mini 0.5ohm coil (each)

This 0.5 resistance coil burns less hot than the 0.3ohm, thus giving more flavour and slightly less cloud production. Price is per coil. Compatible with iJust/iJust Mini tanks.

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Melo III mini coils

0.5ohm coil for the Melo/iJust tanks

Priming the coil – Take the coil out of its packaging. There are 4 holes around the outside of the coil where you can see the cotton inside, drip some e-liquid in each hole and some down the centre (on top of the mesh) via the top. Then once you have done that,  just blow down the hole at the top to remove any remaining liquid (tissues recommended as it can get quite messy!)

Once that is done, screw the coil into the base and then fill your tank with the same liquid you primed the coil with. Allow the coil to soak up more liquid for 20-30 minutes, to ensure it has had a real good soak in liquid.

Another, less messy way to prime your coil is to top up your tank with liquid after replacing the coil, and leaving your coil overnight, then when you awaken in the morning the coil would have had a generous soak in the liquid.


Also compatible with the iJust2 mini tank


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