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Kangertech Protank Mini


The Kangertech Protank Mini

The Protank Mini is a fantastic starter tank; The Clearomiser is able to take 2 different resistance coils, the 1.8ohm single coil which is made to burn a little hotter thus giving a satisfying ‘throat-hit’, and the 2.5ohm single coil which provides a cooler, smoother vape and delivering more flavour. Made from pyrex glass and stainless steel, with an ego threading.



To fill the Protank Mini all you have to do is turn the tank upside down and unscrew the base, once you have unscrewed the base you can just pour your E-juice down the side of the tank on the inside until it reaches to just below the metal cylinder in the middle. The Protank Mini can also be rebuilt but unscrew the base from the bottom which has the coil in it, and then unscrew the piece just below the glass whilst holding the top of the tank which will then allow you to take the tank apart.

This tank is made from metal and Pyrex glass which makes the Protank Mini very durable. The Pyrex glass can be replaced if ever broken which is a lot better than buying a new tank all together. The drip tip can also be changed to mix things up a little.

It can be used on any type of battery that allows 510 threading or can have a 510 adapter screwed on it. The 510 adapter is compatible with batteries such as the iStick 20/30/40 or 50 Watt etc. Batteries like the 900 mAh Electra are designed to be able to fit tanks like the Protank Mini onto it without any extra pieces needed. The Protank Mini is a slim and sleek design and perfect for new starters.

Additional Information

This tank is a great port of call for us for when we’re helping people choose what type of starter kit they are looking for, we also sell this tank as a complete starter kit which comes with a 900 mAh variable voltage Electra battery, which will help you get started on your vaping journey.


We think that £12.99 is just the right price for this tank; it’s an affordable and great clearomiser.


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