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Smok TFV8 Baby Beast – T8 0.15ohm octuple coil


Smok TFV8 Baby T8 Coil.

0.15ohm Octuple coil for TFV8 Baby Beast Tank

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T8 Octuple Coil for TFV8

Smok T8 0.15Ω Coil. For use with the TFV8 Baby Beast tank, or TFV8 Big Baby with adapter.

With Octuple coils, this setup provides deep rich clouds. The huge coil build gives a tighter draw, but produces masses of luxurious vapour.

Vape range: 50-110w  Best: 60-80w


The TFV8 family


More on Coils….

The more coils you have per atomiser the more flavour. The cost to this is that you will need to allow more time for the Eliquid to soak prior to first use.

Ecig Switch recommends leaving at least an hour per coil for the cotton to absorb the Eliquids fully then break the coil in by starting on a very gentle power setting, say 12 watts. This may produce no vapour at all but will warm the Eliquids, making it runny and able to soak through capillary action faster. Gradually increase the wattage over the next hour for a double win. Not only does your atomiser last so much longer, it tastes better per puff too.
A good practice is to leave the coils to soak overnight prior to usage then break in gently as above.


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