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If you are here to shop jump right in. We have all the Eliquids and latest vaping kits to keep you happy plus an extensive range of concentrates etc. if making your own Eliquids is your thing.

If you have questions head to our help and support section where we try our best to answer the most common questions about vaping along with some handy tips too such as how to make your coils last longer!

If you prefer real life interactions you can also always give us a call if we are open or use the chat function too. If it is after hours there may be a delay but we answer all messages.

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How can Ecig Switch deliver high quality and really cheap prices?

The answer is really quite simple! High turnover and low profit margins mean we make the same as other sites selling a fraction of our turnover but at regular prices. Also, selling high volumes mean we can order things like empty bottles etc. from the best value places on Earth, not just England. The larger orders dilute the cost of transportation which usually run into hundreds of pounds per order and having big stock levels means we can afford the wait. Our supplies tend to come from thousands of miles away via 400 metre long cargo ships at 20 MPH which is much cheaper than air freight.

Why does Ecig Switch sell cheaper than other brands?

Honestly speaking, we make our own vape juices and are proud of them. The more people who use them the happier we are!

In our position, would you rather spend all day posting your proud creations all around or be sat waiting for the occasional order to come through? The buzz we get from repeat orders never gets old either.

What makes Ecig Switch different to other online e-liquids?

We started out as a small shop which we still work from. Having this shop means a steady stream of face to face meetings with local customers who love helping us tweak our recipes to create some amazing vapes. We only use the highest quality ingredients too and our flavourings come from the same places as other much more expensive brands.

Can I trust your hardware?

Yes! While our range of hardware may be more limited and we may never stock the latest thing there is a reason for that.

Each new device, before hitting the shelves, is tried by a member of the team. They use it and test it and mark it too. If it meets the quality you deserve we then stock it and sell it.

All the hardware you will find on our site, from the mouth to lung to the direct lung has been tested and we know it inside and out so you know you will be speaking with an expert if you have questions and want to phone.

We also guarantee things too and occasionally, if something comes back from our face to face customers too much, we will quickly withdraw its sale and dump the stock.

Having too wide a stock range would also mean we would risk loosing our intimate knowledge of every vape device we stock and would not be able to help you the same. See our range as the top 10 vape devices available.

If you have any questions the best way to get in touch with us is by sending us a Facebook message or giving us a ring when we are open on 01253 596106.

You can check out our YouTube channel for reviews of things and those reviews can often be found on the product pages too.


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